2021-2023 Board of Director Candidates

Dr. Bob Larkin

I wish to express my intent to seek election on February 3rd, 2021 to the Reno-Tahoe Aviation Group's Board of Directors for the 2021-2023 biennium. I wish to continue the work as a member of the board as I have done for the last 2 years. As President, RTAG has participated in the selection and establishment of a new CEO/President for the Airport Authority and the beginning of a revitalization of GA on both the West and East ramps. It is my intent to work to see that those plans, specifically on the Eastside, are developed beginning with a self-serve fuel island and additional hangers along with a community center for all of the GA interests at RTAA.

Karen Inda

I am hereby expressing my intent to seek re-election on February 3rd, 2021, to the Reno-Tahoe Aviation Group’s Board of Directors for the 2021-2023 term. I have been a member of the board for the past seven years. As Secretary, I have communicated effectively with RTAG members. As Chair of the Aviation Banquet Committee, I have organized many successful RTAG events. As a member of the Scholarship Committee, I have helped determine the recipients of our scholarships for the past three years. I believe that RTAG is a better organization because of my hard work and I hope to continue serving GA at KRNO.

Thomas (Tom) L. Dyer, PE

I am seeking a position on the RTAG Board of Directors in the February 3rd elections. I reside in Sparks and maintain an aircraft at RNO.  As a pilot and aircraft owner, I realize the importance of the associations and comradery of pilots. The exchange of ideas that occur through RTAG are an important contribution to the safety of GA in the area, and flyouts build a close-knit community of pilots that can learn from each other. I have been a member of RTAG for three years. I have actively attended meetings and flyouts and have participated in two parade of planes as part of Operation Santa. As a director, I will look to improve upon the contributions to GA that RTAG provides

Trygve Inda

As an RTAG Director, I have helped plan Poker Runs and fly-outs, and I have read through scholarship applications and interviewed potential scholarship recipients. I currently sit on the FlyOuts, Aviation Banquet, and Scholarship Committees. I am interested in taking on an even greater role in the coming two-year term. 

Michael Cleveland
I am interested in joining the RTAG BOD in the hopes of building better relations within the General Aviation Community and local Government. I am a Retired City of Reno Employee that was actively involved on the BOD for my employee group for over ten years. This position required a great deal of interaction and lobbying with the politicians at all levels of Government, including multiple trips to Washington D.C.. I hope that some of that experience can be put to use to improve the working relationships that we have currently. I have a Commercial Certificate and have been flying since 1972. I am also very active with the Civil Air Patrol here in Reno.

Francisco Magana 

I am looking to be considered for a position on the BOD for RTAG. I have been part of RTAG for over a year now and am currently chair of the Educational Programs Committee. I have been involved with quarterly Wings credit course planning and have actively participated in events like Operation Santa Claus and the Poker Run. I hope to help RTAG expand its relationship with the public and grow our educational program.

Bob Meurer
My goal is to assure GA has proper standing and access to RNO. As a founding member and past president, I offer continuity between old and new. My business compels me to be at the airport every day, so I am aware of changes affecting GA, often before they come up for discussion. I have experience successfully negotiating with RTAA for the benefit of GA. 

Emma Riek
I am asking for your consideration and support, that I might occupy a position on the RTAG Board of Directors. I have been an active voice for flight schools and general aviation at the KSAV and KCPS airports during the last few years. Today, I am a Reno local settled back home who would like to participate in growing the GA community. During my initial pilot training in Reno, I remember helping Bob Meurer and Bob Larkin position themselves to be a voice for GA in 2013/2014. Currently, I am a commercial pilot, flight instructor, and aircraft owner operating out of KRNO. Sincerely, I believe with continuing efforts we can make GA flourish in Northern Nevada. 

Richard B. Polivy, Esq.
I am a newcomer to Reno from Hartford, CT where I served as President of a hangar association and Vice President of a 2nd hangar association, having interaction and involvement with airport operations and future planning on behalf of general aviation interests. I would like to learn more about general aviation in the Reno area and become a part of the local aviation community.