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Outside Groups Team

Team Leader: Michael Cleveland

To join this team, contact Michael.

Mission Statement & Goals

The RTAG Outside Groups Team is a bridge between the larger community, local GA, and RTAG, providing information and feedback to all parties, acting as goodwill ambassadors, in the hopes of creating a fair and equitable balance between the needs of various groups who utilize the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Its goals are to:

  • Increase the visible support from the Reno GA Community for the child beneficiaries of Operation Santa Claus.

  • Publicly highlight community service projects by members of RTAG, creating a favorable response of recognition by Reno area charities towards RTAG members.

  • Create new opportunities, or plug into existing ones, for Reno GA to serve the larger Reno community.

Operation Santa Claus

To watch a news clip of OSC 2022, click here.

To watch a news clip of OSC 2019, click the video below:

A bridge between the community, local GA, and RTAG.
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