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Scholarship Team

Mission Statement & Goals

To work with the Fundraising Team to raise money to fund scholarships.

To publicize the availability of the scholarships.

To award scholarships to deserving, qualified student pilots & licensed pilots to help them reach their goals.

Through the above outreach and publicity, RTAG will increase the possibility of adding new members. 

Team Leader: Karla Werning

Tom Dyer, Joe Rajacic

Team Members:
Scholarship News


Since 2014, RTAG has awarded large scholarships at the annual Celebration of Aviation Banquet.

At the June 2024 Board of Directors Meeting, the board agreed to change this.


Starting in October 2024, there will be smaller flight training scholarships awarded by raffle at each RTAG Safety Seminar.


The purpose of this change is to increase participation in RTAG Safety Seminars, particularly among student pilots and licensed pilots who are seeking new ratings.


The next RTAG Safety Seminar is Wednesday, October 2nd,

at The Hangar at Cloud 9.

Hope to see you there!

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