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RTAG Educational Programs Committee

Mission Statement & Goals

Creating educational programs with WINGS credit for each general meeting. Email surveys to learn what members are interested in.

Committee Chair:
Francisco Magana
Events & Announcements

General meetings with Wings Credit programs are held in person at Civil Air Patrol, 2890 Vassar St. Reno, NV 89502. 

RTAG is blessed to have Joe Rajacic as a member. As a pilot for United Airlines, Joe designed United Airlines' Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) to enhance safety at the airline. Now that he's retired, he has created an AQP for General Aviation. At most RTAG General Meetings for the next year or two, Joe will be presenting AQP seminars for WINGS Credit on the 18 most common causes of GA fatal accidents. All RTAG members are encouraged to attend. 

For more information on AQP, visit the FAA's webpage on the topic.

The next RTAG General Meeting is Wednesday, February 1st, from 5:30pm at Civil Air Patrol. Joe Rajacic will present an AQP seminar for WINGS Credit on “Unintentional and Intentional IMC / Spatial Disorientation”. RTAG members will also elect the new Board of Directors at this meeting. 

Committee Members:

To join this committee, contact Francisco.

Meeting Minutes

There are no committee meeting minutes at this time.

Click the PDF icon to view the Educational Programs Committee's work plan for Fiscal Year 2022-2023

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