RTAG Special Events Committee

Mission Statement & Goals

Through events such as pancake breakfasts, chili cook-offs, poker runs, and the annual Celebration of Aviation Banquet, we aim to lead those inspired by aviation to become actively engaged in transforming GA at KRNO.

Committee Chair: Karen Inda
Committee Members:

Trygve Inda

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Poker Run Registration


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Postponed until October 15th, 2022.

Poker Run Instructions

Participants will fly from airport to airport, collecting playing cards. Those who ante $100 will collect one card at each airport. Those who ante $150 will collect two cards at each airport.


There are seven participating airports. To participate, pilots must visit at least five airports, including the final stop, GA West at KRNO, where there will be a BBQ, judging, and prizes.


Since this is a fundraiser benefitting the Top Pagnano Memorial Scholarship Fund, pilots and passengers should each collect their own set of cards. The cards will be sealed in individual, coin-sized envelopes, and must remain sealed until the judge asks the participant to present his or her cards. Once opened, hands cannot be mixed. 

Half of the money from the ante goes to the Tom Pagnano Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The other half will be divided between the three winners.


Stellar Aviation will provide a BBQ lunch for all participants at GA West. 

If you have an empty seat in your airplane and would like to offer it to another would-be participant, please contact Karen.

There will be a pilot briefing on Wednesday, October 5th, after the regularly scheduled RTAG General Meeting. Click here for location. Participants who cannot attend the briefing should ask for a PDF of the briefing documents by email.  

To participate, please fill out the registration form below. You can pay online now, or in cash when you present your cards to the judge. There are two payment buttons below for your convenience: one to pay $100 and the other to pay $150.


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