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Advanced Rating Scholarship

The Reno-Tahoe Aviation Group will award one Bob Meurer Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2500 to a licensed pilot who needs financial help to achieve an advanced rating, such as Instrument, Commercial, or CFI.


Click each of the teal buttons below to apply. Review the Checklist to ensure a complete application. 

The application deadline is Wednesday, January 31, 2024. 

Who was Bob Meurer?

Bob Meurer was a founding member and past-president of the Reno-Tahoe Aviation Group.


Flying was his passion. As a CFII, he enjoyed passing on his tremendous knowledge, amazing stories, and professional piloting skills to a new generation of pilots. 

Bob was also known for his knee-slapping sense of humor, his big smile, his hearty laughter, and his love for the pilot community. He happily paid RTAG membership dues for each of his students. 

In 2012, Bob received the Wright Brothers' Master Pilot Award for 50 years of accident-free flying. In 2018, he was named Flight Instructor of the Year for the Reno area.


He served on the Board of Directors from the day RTAG was founded until his last breath on November 13th, 2021.

He is greatly missed by all who knew him, but especially by his many students, who still hear Bob's voice in their heads while they are flying, saying "AIRSPEED, AIRSPEED, AIRSPEED!"

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