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Scholarship Committee

To apply for a scholarship, click here.

To donate to the scholarship fund, please click the Donate button on our Scholarship page:

Mission Statement & Goals

To identify and award an annual scholarship(s) to deserving, qualified aviation students/trainees to help them further their career goals in aviation.

To identify and contact as many instructors and qualified organizations as possible to inform them of the scholarship's existence, requirements, application process, and to encourage them to nominate and mentor a student/trainee through the application process.

Second, determine ways to publicize the availability of the scholarship so as to encourage submissions of applications directly from students/trainees.

Finally, identify methods to raise money to completely fund the existing scholarship and grow the fund, so that consideration could be given to increasing the award amount and/or adding a second scholarship.

Through all of the above outreach, RTAG will be exposed to more pilots and the public, and increase the possibility of adding new members 

Committee Chair: Karla Werning

Tom Dyer, Joe Rajacic

Committee Members
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